We at Vision IT have the experience.

The Vision IT systems approach is to find the optimal balance between theory and practice and to deliver enterprise grade solutions.
We at Vision IT have the experience.

With over a decade of successful projects in over 50 countries worldwide and key industry alliances with in-depth technology, research and development backed-up with field experience, Vision IT ensures all project tasks are brought together seamlessly and guarantee successful completion of projects on schedule, Taking control over every project aspect, from planning and developing, through transportation and customs, ending with complete implementation and support, and when it is necessary, we can also help raise funding.

We specialize in all technological fields: communication networks, satellite communications systems, telephony, computer systems and hardware & software, and are able to provide a system for every need – a complete in-house technological knowledge-base.

Now focusing on developing countries, we have provided e-learning systems, communication grids and technological platforms, as well as high level cloud systems, security projects and even billing technology around the world.
Vision IT technology at your service!