Global Communication Network (GCN) The Foreign Service is the most visual point of view and the first point of interaction with a foreign nation. The image, perception and expectation of a nation can be improved or harmed by the experience of interacting with a foreign mission. Therefore, to remain competitive, keep global relevance and a […]


Virtualization has become a cornerstone, a base requirement, for moving to a dynamic infrastructure. The term virtualization describes the separation of the one for one dependency on physical hardware that has been the industry standard. By using technology from industry leading providers like VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix, we help our customers move away from the […]

Data center

  Vision-IT provides state of the art planning, Construction, maintenance and service to Data Center computer, media and communication rooms in our turn key project system. Our advantages: 10 years of experience constructing computer centers, Data centers, control rooms,labs and dealing rooms. Expertise in engineering application of all systems included in the construction of a computer room, server room and / or media room. Engineering knowledge based on personnel with […]