Vision IT delivers comprehensive technological solutions, inclusive of all the project aspects. This cover all the aspects, from requirements definitions, specifications, design and planning, procurement procedures, implementation, program management, integration, quality assurance, maintenance and support, to capacity building and management as well as operational structuring.

Vision IT further provides the program management skills needed to ensure smooth implementation and seamless integration of the network solutions. Vision-IT offers technology selection and implementation services for the following technological areas:

Establishment of Data and Voice networks: terrestrial, satellite/VSAT, switched, routed, wireless, etc. Network Management and Support Management platforms, Application service providers (ASPs), Media Distribution Systems, Broadcast and Remote Distance Learning (eLearning), Remote Control and Management, Resource Management, Specialized Applications, homeland security, billing systems, cloud computing, central storage system.

Vision IT is set to provide our clients with:

• Technology
• Integration
• Implementation
• Re-engineering
• Service definition and packaging
• Support
• Ongoing Maintenance
• Security and Access Management
• Audit and Operational Procedures
• Fund raising when necessary 

Having the experience and knowledge that vision-it has, makes this system integrator able to provide a solution to any need and requirement, making every technological vision possible.