Virtualization has become a cornerstone, a base requirement, for moving to a dynamic infrastructure. The term virtualization describes the separation of the one for one dependency on physical hardware that has been the industry standard. By using technology from industry leading providers like VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix, we help our customers move away from the one server, one application paradigm that has been the norm for the past decade. With server hardware, processor speeds, storage systems, applications and software all working together to create a complete enterprise ready solution, the time to evaluate how virtualization can help your business is now.

Advanced virtualization solutions for data centers by Vision-IT

 Server virtualization – the data center is based on virtualization and combines management
   tools for command and control and planning of the environment capacity.
• Automation solutions for virtual environments – for effective management of multi-server
  virtual sites and as a basis for establishing of a private cloud.
• Smart backup solutions for virtual environments – solutions to prevent information
  duplication and creating an environment with the ability to maximize the use of backup
  volumes while minimizing the backup window.

Private cloud

smart solutions for management, operating, maintenance and distribution
  of the computerized environments within the IT formation, from a self service portal to billing
  mechanisms (both outside and inside the IT formation).

Solutions for end users

Desktop virtualization – establishing virtualization services for end stations (desktops).
• Solutions for remote branches (branch office)
• Application virtualization – virtualization for applications and integration to the VDI environment and projects.


 Characterization of the data center towards transitioning into virtual infrastructures
• Planning management formation for a virtual infrastructure
• Assimilation automation solutions, managing and operating secondary sites (DR)
• Establishing virtualization based/integrated datacenter
• Characterization and analysis of the customer’s environment destined to transition into a virtual environment at the end stations
• Realizing a virtual environment at the end stations


The methodology of the center of excellence refers to the entire life cycle of establishing a virtualization solution.

Points of interest

• Virtualization is the basis for establishing private clouds, according to the
  methodology and perception described in the Cloud Computing theme.

• Virtualization is a critical component for business continuity solutions, which can
  be studied at the DRP & Storage center of excellence.

• BSM solutions provide designated modules for management and command and
  control of the virtual environment.
• The Vision-IT solution center enables planning, testing and experimenting with
  virtualization solutions.
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